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Competition has Begun!

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It was great to see ten members at the Field in this morning for the fist competition Sunday of the season, even though the blustery conditions meant that not everyone decided to fly. Those that did fly found that the wind direction and turbulence at low levels made the final approach rather interesting and as a result, only two pilots successfully completed the Spot Landing Comp. However, the Longest Glide fared slightly better as three pilots managed to land on the patch with the rest either missing the landing zone or having to resort to the motor (like I did) in order to get down safely.

Congratulations to Mike Goulette who has emerged as the early winner in both categories and hence, has become the man to watch. His winning glide lasted 8 minutes and 42 seconds, more than double that of second placed Shaun Smith! Sorry to rub it in Shaun but at least you got onto the scoreboard unlike some of us! Mike also made the best spot landing of the day with his model coming to rest some 32 feet from the spot (apparently our Comp Sec doesn’t do metric!). To rub it in further it’s interesting to note that Mike’s glide landing was even closer to the Spot than his spot landing so watch this space!

My thanks to everyone who turned up to both watch and compete, also to Pete Noon for officiating, it made for an interesting and enjoyable morning. Hopefully we will see a few more members competing at the next event (14th April), we’ve already ordered better weather and (fingers crossed) it should be warmer.

Attached are a few pictures of the event.

All the best and happy landings.