Below are some links to websites model flyers may find useful, HDMAC accepts no responsibility for the content of these websites:    British model flying association (go here to get insurance for your model and advice on the rules and regulations of flying models in the UK)   A free downloadable model aircraft flight simulator for those wishing to brush up their piloting skills   XFLR5 is an analysis tool for airfoils, wings and planes operating at low Reynolds Numbers. It includes:

  1. XFoil’s Direct and Inverse analysis capabilities
  2. Wing design and analysis capabilities based on the Lifiting Line Theory, on the Vortex Lattice Method, and on a 3D Panel Method   An excellent free downloadable magazine for model glider enthusiasts, often contains articles on aerodynamics etc., well worth a read.     NASA technical reports server, contains a wealth of useful information on aerodynamics.  A commercial site with a focus on electric flight and an excellent useful info section covering topics such as working out powertrains, prop speed, Li-Po life, UBECs and much more.